Circumcision: Cruel & Harmful


These videos show children being subjected to genital mutilation.

Gomco Penis Mutilation Clamp
Plastibell Penis Mutilation Device

Circumcision Regret

Many parents come to realize, either gradually or from the first moment they see their baby’s freshly-wounded penis, that consenting to foreskin amputation was the biggest mistake, and biggest regret, of their lives.

A woman holds a sign reading "I Regret Cutting My Son's Penis"

My husband turned white as a ghost. He looked right at me and he said “What have we done?”

I felt betrayed. I felt heartbroken that I’d had that done to my son.

The only way that I feel that I can make up for the complete wrong that I did to my son, is by saving others.

If your doctor did not warn you that emotional distress is a common side effect of circumcision (for both the victim and his parents) then you were not properly informed, and you may want to file a complaint against your doctor.

Two women hold signs reading "Fuck You, Penis Cutting Doctors! - A Regret Mom" and "Non-therapeutic Circumcision Breaks Genitals and Hearts"

Circumcision Death

It is difficult to quantify the number of people killed by circumcision, because hospitals usually cover them up by listing the cause of death as “exsanguination” or “septic shock”. Of course, these children wouldn’t have bled to death or gotten infected if no one had cut into their penises.

The doctor came out, approached him, and said “I’m sorry, your baby didn’t make it.”

He sued the hospital, but no money in the world will bring your child back, and no one ever suspected the possibility of dying from circumcision.

It was a three-day-old baby who . . . probably had a bleeding disorder, and probably had a neonatal erection that evening which might have disrupted a clot, and he exsanguinated into his diaper and came to the hospital dead or near death and didn’t make it.

They were never told that 2.5 ounces of his blood might be enough to kill him.

Lesley Roberts was stunned as she read the devastating final email from her beloved son Alex Hardy:

“It quickly became apparent that what had just happened was a catastrophe… I died in 2015, not now.”


If you are at risk of suicide, please be sure to find a therapist who understands the value of the foreskin. It does no good to talk to someone who trivializes your suffering.