Las Vegas Billboard – Circumcision: Cruel & Harmful

Thanks to your kind donations, Bloodstained Men's Las Vegas Billboard went up today! It will be there at the corner of S. Las Vegas Blvd & Hidden Well Rd until March 23, 2022. Join us on February 25 for the BILLBOARD PRESS CONFERENCE to kick off the 20-day Southwest Circumcision Crisis Protests, all welcome!

January 19, 2022|Categories: Billboards|

Dallas Billboards – Circumcision: Cruel & Harmful

Our seventh and eighth billboards were installed on April 7th, 2021 in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, on I-35E Northbound and I-30 Westbound. They are scheduled to stay up until May 5th, 2021. Thanks to everyone who has donated to the Bloodstained Men billboards. With your help, our next billboard will appear in Ohio later this spring.

April 7, 2021|Categories: Billboards|

Atlanta Billboard – Circumcision: Cruel & Harmful

Our sixth billboard was installed on I-85 near the airport in Atlanta, Georgia. It appeared on February 15th, 2021, and is scheduled to remain until March 14th.Thanks to everyone who has donated to the Bloodstained Men billboards. With your help, we'll be looking at Texas for our seventh billboard in early spring.

February 15, 2021|Categories: Billboards|

Daytona Beach Billboard – Circumcision: Cruel & Harmful

Our fourth billboard was installed on November 16th, 2020, in Daytona Beach, and will stay there until January 10th, 2021. Directly behind our billboard sits AdventHealth Daytona Beach. As always, a special thanks to all our donors! UPDATE: We received this photo on December 23rd:

November 16, 2020|Categories: Billboards|

Mobile, Alabama Billboard – Circumcision: Cruel & Harmful

Our second "Circumcision: Cruel & Harmful" billboard was installed on August 31st, 2020, in Mobile, Alabama. It will stay up until October 25th. The billboard company originally didn't want to print our logo, but we came to a compromise: They agreed that our design was acceptable if we moved the logo from the left side of the billboard to the right side. Thanks again to all our donors!

August 31, 2020|Categories: Billboards|
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