Infant Circumcision Violates Freedom of Religion

When a child’s body has been permanently marked with the symbol of a religion he might someday choose to reject, that child’s religious freedom has been violated.

I actually chose as a teenager not to be Jewish, and I don’t consider myself to be Jewish, but I’m still forced to have a religion – that I don’t believe in – carved into my body.

Two bloodstained men in New York City hold protest signs – "I am a Victim of Religious Forced Circumcision" and "Jews Against Forced Infant Circumcision"

Infant Circumcision Is Anti-Semitic

No one should use a child’s religious or ethnic background as an excuse to inflict harm upon that child.

In addition, children’s rights activists should not discriminate against such children by excluding them from advocacy efforts.

If [our protest] was solely about protecting everybody [except] Jews, then it would be anti-semitic.

Circumcision is anti-semitic, because it is harming Jews.

Two bloodstained men in Colorado hold protest signs – "Vote No on Circumcision" and "This Jew Hates Being Cut"