Foreskin: Normal, Healthy, & Valuable

Men around the world live healthy lives with intact penises. They don’t have trouble staying clean or finding sexual partners, and they are generally very happy that no one has stolen an important part of their genitals.

A man holds a sign reading "Foreskin is Normal, Healthy, and Valuable"

Be sure to check out this list of 16+ functions destroyed by circumcision.

Beware! Forced Retraction

Some medical professionals might try to forcibly retract your child’s foreskin. Do not let them. They do not understand the normal development of the human penis.

In young children the foreskin is fused to the head of the penis, like a newborn kitten’s eyelids. It will retract naturally over time, when the owner of the penis is ready to retract it. For more details, see Your Whole Baby’s Basic Care Of The Intact Penis.

A bloodstained protester holds two signs – "Boys Do Not Need Genitals Altered After Birth" and "Circumcision is a Lifelong Injury"

If your child has been subjected to premature forcible foreskin retraction, please follow this advice from our friends at Doctors Opposing Circumcision.

Foreskin Restoration

Although circumcision damage is permanent, some function can be restored by non-surgical stretching techniques.

With gentle tension over long periods of time, the remaining shaft skin can be expanded to simulate a foreskin. This protects the head of the penis from abrasive clothing and extreme temperatures, and also restores the mechanical functions of the foreskin, which glides to and fro during sexual activity.

A bloodstained man holds a sign above his head – "I Want My Foreskin Back"

Many men have success with manual tugging, and there are also a variety of affordable restoration devices on the market, which can be worn under your clothing throughout the day.

Foreskin restoration should not cause any damage. If it hurts, you’re doing something wrong. For more information, see the Beginner’s Guide to Foreskin Restoration.