Northern California Circumcision Crisis Protests
May 8, 2024 - May 20, 2024
In memory of Chris Pallotti
Event PageDateCityTime
Day 1Wednesday, May 8, 2024Concord, CA10am to 12pm
Day 1Wednesday, May 8, 2024Petaluma, CA2pm to 4pm
Day 2Thursday, May 9, 2024Santa Rosa, CA10am to 12pm
Day 2Thursday, May 9, 2024Ukiah, CA2pm to 4pm
Day 3Friday, May 10, 2024Eureka, CA10am to 12pm
Day 3Friday, May 10, 2024Arcata, CA2pm to 4pm
Day 4Saturday, May 11, 2024Redding, CA10am to 12pm
Day 4Saturday, May 11, 2024Chico, CA2pm to 4pm
Day 5Sunday, May 12, 2024Yuba City, CA11am to 1pm
Day 5Sunday, May 12, 2024Roseville, CA3pm to 5pm
Day 6Monday, May 13, 2024Sacramento, CA10am to 12pm
Day 6Monday, May 13, 2024Stockton, CA2pm to 4pm
Day 7Tuesday, May 14, 2024Modesto, CA10am to 12pm
Day 7Tuesday, May 14, 2024Merced, CA2pm to 4pm
Day 8Wednesday, May 15, 2024Visalia, CA10am to 12pm
Day 8Wednesday, May 15, 2024Clovis, CA2pm to 4pm
Day 9Thursday, May 16, 2024Seaside, CA10am to 12pm
Day 9Thursday, May 16, 2024Capitola, CA2pm to 3:30pm
Day 9Thursday, May 16, 2024Santa Cruz, CA4pm to 5:30pm
Day 10Friday, May 17, 2024San Jose, CA10am to 12pm
Day 10Friday, May 17, 2024San Bruno, CA2pm to 4pm
Day 10Friday, May 17, 2024San Francisco, CA5pm to 7pm
Day 11Saturday, May 18, 2024San Francisco, CA9am to 5pm
Day 12Sunday, May 19, 2024Dublin, CA11am to 1pm
Day 12Sunday, May 19, 2024Fremont, CA3pm to 5pm
Day 13Monday, May 20, 2024Berkeley, CA10am to 2pm
Parrish King Memorial Circumcision Crisis Protest
March 10, 2024
Event PageDateCityTime
ProtestSunday, March 10, 2024Jacksonville, FL11am to 3pm
Location: Max Leggett Pkwy and Airport Center Dr
Las Vegas Superbowl Circumcision Crisis Protests
February 6, 2024 - February 12, 2024
Event PageDateCityTime
Day 1Tuesday, February 6, 2024Henderson, NV10am to 12pm
Day 1Tuesday, February 6, 2024North Las Vegas, NV2pm to 4pm
Day 2Wednesday, February 7, 2024Sunrise Manor, NV10am to 12pm
Day 2Wednesday, February 7, 2024Las Vegas, NV2pm to 4pm
Day 3Thursday, February 8, 2024Spring Valley, NV10am to 12pm
Day 3Thursday, February 8, 2024Centennial Hills, NV2pm to 4pm
Day 4Friday, February 9, 2024Pahrump, NV10am to 12pm
Day 4Friday, February 9, 2024Paradise, NV2pm to 6pm
Day 5Saturday, February 10, 2024Paradise, NV10:30am to 6pm
Day 6Sunday, February 11, 2024Paradise, NV10:30am to 4pm
Day 7Monday, February 12, 2024Enterprise, NV10am to 12pm
Day 7Monday, February 12, 2024UNLV2pm to 4pm
Virginia Maryland Circumcision Crisis Protests
October 12, 2023 - October 24, 2023
Event PageDateCityTime
Day 1Thursday, October 12, 2023Gaithersburg, MD10am to 12pm
Day 1Thursday, October 12, 2023Hagerstown, MD2pm to 4pm
Day 2Friday, October 13, 2023Winchester, VA10am to 12pm
Day 2Friday, October 13, 2023Harrisonburg, VA2pm to 4pm
Day 3Saturday, October 14, 2023Roanoke, VA10am to 12pm
Day 3Saturday, October 14, 2023Blacksburg, VA2pm to 4pm
Day 4Sunday, October 15, 2023Lynchburg, VA11am to 1pm
Day 4Sunday, October 15, 2023Charlottesville, VA3pm to 5pm
Day 5Monday, October 16, 2023Richmond, VA10am to 12pm
Day 5Monday, October 16, 2023Newport News, VA2pm to 4pm
Day 6Tuesday, October 17, 2023Virginia Beach, VA10am to 12pm
Day 6Tuesday, October 17, 2023Norfolk, VA2pm to 4pm
Day 7Wednesday, October 18, 2023Chester, VA10am to 12pm
Day 7Wednesday, October 18, 2023Richmond, VA2pm to 4pm
Day 8Thursday, October 19, 2023Fredericksburg, VA10am to 12pm
Day 8Thursday, October 19, 2023Fairfax, VA2pm to 4pm
Day 9Friday, October 20, 2023Chantilly, VA10am to 12pm
Day 9Friday, October 20, 2023Arlington, VA2pm to 4pm
Day 10Saturday, October 21, 2023Washington, DC9am to 5pm
Day 11Sunday, October 22, 2023Langley Park, MD11am to 1pm
Day 11Sunday, October 22, 2023Glen Burnie, MD3pm to 5pm
Day 12Monday, October 23, 2023Bel Air, MD10am to 12pm
Day 12Monday, October 23, 2023Towson, MD2pm to 4pm
Day 13Tuesday, October 24, 2023Annapolis, MD10am to 2pm
New York State Circumcision Crisis Protests
July 21, 2023 - August 2, 2023
Event PageDateCityTime
Day 1Friday, July 21, 2023Brooklyn, NY10am to 12pm
Day 1Friday, July 21, 2023Staten Island, NY2pm to 4pm
Day 2Saturday, July 22, 2023Nanuet, NY10am to 12pm
Day 2Saturday, July 22, 2023Monticello, NY2pm to 4pm
Day 3Sunday, July 23, 2023Oneonta, NY11am to 1pm
Day 3Sunday, July 23, 2023Binghamton, NY3pm to 5pm
Day 4Monday, July 24, 2023Orchard Park, NY10am to 12pm
Day 4Monday, July 24, 2023Niagara Falls, NY2pm to 4pm
Day 5Tuesday, July 25, 2023Buffalo, NY10am to 12pm
Day 5Tuesday, July 25, 2023Rochester, NY2pm to 3:45pm
Day 5Tuesday, July 25, 2023Rochester, NY4:30pm to 5:30pm
Day 6Wednesday, July 26, 2023Syracuse, NY10am to 12pm
Day 6Wednesday, July 26, 2023Watertown, NY2pm to 4pm
Day 7Thursday, July 27, 2023Malone, NY10am to 12pm
Day 7Thursday, July 27, 2023Plattsburgh, NY2pm to 4pm
Day 8Friday, July 28, 2023Queensbury, NY10am to 12pm
Day 8Friday, July 28, 2023Albany, NY2pm to 4pm
Day 9Saturday, July 29, 2023Yonkers, NY10am to 12pm
Day 9Saturday, July 29, 2023Bronx, NY2pm to 4pm
Day 10Sunday, July 30, 2023Manhasset, NY11am to 1pm
Day 10Sunday, July 30, 2023Commack, NY3pm to 5pm
Day 11Monday, July 31, 2023Southampton, NY10am to 12pm
Day 11Monday, July 31, 2023Shirley, NY2pm to 4pm
Day 12Tuesday, August 1, 2023Long Beach, NY10am to 12pm
Day 12Tuesday, August 1, 2023East Meadow, NY2pm to 4pm
Day 13Wednesday, August 2, 2023Flushing, NY10am to 2pm
Great Plains Circumcision Crisis Protests
May 9, 2023 - May 21, 2023
Event PageDateCityTime
Day 1Tuesday, May 9, 2023Kansas City, KS10am to 12pm
Day 1Tuesday, May 9, 2023Lawrence, KS2pm to 4pm
Day 2Wednesday, May 10, 2023Salina, KS10am to 12pm
Day 2Wednesday, May 10, 2023Manhattan, KS2pm to 4pm
Day 3Thursday, May 11, 2023Lincoln, NE10am to 12pm
Day 3Thursday, May 11, 2023Lincoln, NE2pm to 4pm
Day 4Friday, May 12, 2023Bellevue, NE10am to 12pm
Day 4Friday, May 12, 2023Omaha, NE2pm to 4pm
Day 5Saturday, May 13, 2023South Sioux City, NE10am to 12pm
Day 5Saturday, May 13, 2023Norfolk, NE2pm to 4pm
Day 6Sunday, May 14, 2023Columbus, NE11am to 1pm
Day 6Sunday, May 14, 2023Grand Island, NE3pm to 5pm
Day 7Monday, May 15, 2023North Platte, NE10am to 12pm
Day 7Monday, May 15, 2023Kearney, NE2pm to 4pm
Day 8Tuesday, May 16, 2023Hays, KS10am to 12pm
Day 8Tuesday, May 16, 2023Great Bend, KS2pm to 4pm
Day 9Wednesday, May 17, 2023Garden City, KS10am to 12pm
Day 9Wednesday, May 17, 2023Dodge City, KS2pm to 4pm
Day 10Thursday, May 18, 2023Wichita, KS10am to 12pm
Day 10Thursday, May 18, 2023Wichita, KS2pm to 4pm
Day 11Friday, May 19, 2023Topeka, KS10am to 12pm
Day 11Friday, May 19, 2023Shawnee, KS2pm to 4pm
Day 12Saturday, May 20, 2023Overland Park, KS10am to 12pm
Day 12Saturday, May 20, 2023Blue Springs, MO2pm to 4pm
Day 13Sunday, May 21, 2023Kansas City, MO11am to 3pm
Florida Circumcision Crisis Protests
January 20, 2023 - February 1, 2023
Event PageDateCityTime
Day 1Friday, January 20, 2023Kissimmee, FL10am to 12pm
Day 1Friday, January 20, 2023Avon Park, FL2pm to 4pm
Day 2Saturday, January 21, 2023Lakeland, FL10am to 12pm
Day 2Saturday, January 21, 2023Zephyrhills, FL2pm to 4pm
Day 3Sunday, January 22, 2023Tampa, FL11am to 1pm
Day 3Sunday, January 22, 2023Palm Harbor, FL3pm to 5pm
Day 4Monday, January 23, 2023St Petersburg, FL10am to 12pm
Day 4Monday, January 23, 2023Sarasota, FL2pm to 4pm
Day 5Tuesday, January 24, 2023Cape Coral, FL10am to 12pm
Day 5Tuesday, January 24, 2023Naples, FL2pm to 4pm
Day 6Wednesday, January 25, 2023Key Largo, FL10am to 12pm
Day 6Wednesday, January 25, 2023Key West, FL3pm to 5pm
Day 7Thursday, January 26, 2023Key West, FL10am to 12pm
Day 7Thursday, January 26, 2023Marathon, FL2pm to 4pm
Day 8Friday, January 27, 2023Kendale Lakes, FL10am to 12pm
Day 8Friday, January 27, 2023University Park, FL1pm to 3pm
Day 8Friday, January 27, 2023Miami Beach, FL4pm to 5pm
Day 9Saturday, January 28, 2023Pembroke Pines, FL10am to 12pm
Day 9Saturday, January 28, 2023Pompano Beach, FL2pm to 4pm
Day 10Sunday, January 29, 2023Boynton Beach, FL11am to 1pm
Day 10Sunday, January 29, 2023Jupiter, FL3pm to 5pm
Day 11Monday, January 30, 2023Vero Beach, FL10am to 12pm
Day 11Monday, January 30, 2023West Melbourne, FL2pm to 4pm
Day 12Tuesday, January 31, 2023Port Orange, FL10am to 12pm
Day 12Tuesday, January 31, 2023Orange City, FL2pm to 4pm
Day 13Wednesday, February 1, 2023Orlando, FL10am to 2pm
Southeast Circumcision Crisis Protests
September 28, 2022 - October 10, 2022
Event PageDateCityTime
Day 1Wednesday, September 28, 2022Griffin, GA10am to 12pm
Day 1Wednesday, September 28, 2022Warner Robins, GA2pm to 4pm
Day 2Thursday, September 29, 2022Savannah, GA10am to 12pm
Day 2Thursday, September 29, 2022Hilton Head Island, SC2pm to 4pm
Day 3Friday, September 30, 2022Mount Pleasant, SC10am to 12pm
Day 3Friday, September 30, 2022North Charleston, SC2pm to 4pm
Day 4Saturday, October 1, 2022Florence, SC11am to 1pm
Day 4Saturday, October 1, 2022Columbia, SC3pm to 5pm
Day 5Sunday, October 2, 2022Spartanburg, SC11am to 1pm
Day 5Sunday, October 2, 2022Charlotte, NC3pm to 5pm
Day 6Monday, October 3, 2022Greensboro, NC10am to 12pm
Day 6Monday, October 3, 2022Winston-Salem, NC2pm to 4pm
Day 7Tuesday, October 4, 2022Johnson City, TN10am to 12pm
Day 7Tuesday, October 4, 2022Kingsport, TN2pm to 4pm
Day 8Wednesday, October 5, 2022Knoxville, TN10am to 12pm
Day 8Wednesday, October 5, 2022Chattanooga, TN2pm to 4pm
Day 8Wednesday, October 5, 2022Manchester, TN5pm to 6pm
Day 9Thursday, October 6, 2022Nashville, TN10am to 12pm
Day 9Thursday, October 6, 2022Nashville, TN2pm to 4pm
Day 10Friday, October 7, 2022Muscle Shoals, AL10am to 12pm
Day 10Friday, October 7, 2022Huntsville, AL2pm to 4pm
Day 11Saturday, October 8, 2022Birmingham, AL10am to 12pm
Day 11Saturday, October 8, 2022Tuscaloosa, AL2pm to 4pm
Day 12Sunday, October 9, 2022Prattville, AL10:30am to 11:45am
Day 12Sunday, October 9, 2022Montgomery, AL12:30pm to 1:30pm
Day 12Sunday, October 9, 2022Auburn, AL3pm to 5pm
Day 13Monday, October 10, 2022Atlanta, GA11am to 2pm
New England Circumcision Crisis Protests
July 26, 2022 - August 7, 2022
Event PageDateCityTime
Day 1Tuesday, July 26, 2022Haverhill, MA10am to 12pm
Day 1Tuesday, July 26, 2022Dover, NH2pm to 4pm
Day 2Wednesday, July 27, 2022Augusta, ME10am to 12pm
Day 2Wednesday, July 27, 2022Portland, ME2pm to 4pm
Day 3Thursday, July 28, 2022Concord, NH10am to 12pm
Day 3Thursday, July 28, 2022Lebanon, NH2pm to 4pm
Day 4Friday, July 29, 2022Williston, VT10am to 12pm
Day 4Friday, July 29, 2022Rutland, VT2pm to 4pm
Day 5Saturday, July 30, 2022Pittsfield, MA10am to 12pm
Day 5Saturday, July 30, 2022West Springfield, MA2pm to 4pm
Day 6Sunday, July 31, 2022Bridgeport, CT11am to 1pm
Day 6Sunday, July 31, 2022West Hartford, CT3pm to 5pm
Day 7Monday, August 1, 2022Massachusetts General Hospital10am to 12pm
Day 7Monday, August 1, 2022Somerville, MA2pm to 4pm
Day 8Tuesday, August 2, 2022Fall River, MA10am to 12pm
Day 8Tuesday, August 2, 2022New Bedford, MA2pm to 4pm
Day 9Wednesday, August 3, 2022Tufts Medical Center10am to 12pm
Day 9Wednesday, August 3, 2022Watertown, MA2pm to 4pm
Day 10Thursday, August 4, 2022Shrewsbury, MA10am to 12pm
Day 10Thursday, August 4, 2022Fitchburg, MA2pm to 4pm
Day 11Friday, August 5, 2022Boston Medical Center10am to 12pm
Day 11Friday, August 5, 2022Jamaica Plain, MA2pm to 4pm
Day 12Saturday, August 6, 2022Johnston, RI10am to 12pm
Day 12Saturday, August 6, 2022Newport, RI2pm to 4pm
Day 13Sunday, August 7, 2022Longwood Medical Area11am to 3pm
Midwest Circumcision Crisis Protests
May 9, 2022 - May 28, 2022
Event PageDateCityTime
Day 1Monday, May 9, 2022Chicago, IL10am to 2pm
Day 2Tuesday, May 10, 2022South Bend, IN10am to 2pm
Day 3Wednesday, May 11, 2022Kalamazoo, MI10am to 12:15pm
Day 3Wednesday, May 11, 2022Grand Rapids, MI1:30pm to 4pm
Day 4Thursday, May 12, 2022Traverse City, MI10am to 2pm
Day 5Friday, May 13, 2022Saginaw, MI10am to 12:30pm
Day 5Friday, May 13, 2022Flint, MI1:30pm to 4pm
Day 6Saturday, May 14, 2022Warren, MI11am to 1pm
Day 6Saturday, May 14, 2022Detroit, MI2pm to 4pm
Day 7Sunday, May 15, 2022Detroit, MI11:30am to 1:30pm
Day 7Sunday, May 15, 2022Woodhaven, MI2:30pm to 4:30pm
Day 8Monday, May 16, 2022Fort Wayne, IN10am to 2pm
Day 9Tuesday, May 17, 2022Kokomo, IN10am to 12:15pm
Day 9Tuesday, May 17, 2022Lafayette, IN1:30pm to 4pm
Day 10Wednesday, May 18, 2022Bloomington, IL10am to 12:30pm
Day 10Wednesday, May 18, 2022Peoria, IL1:30pm to 4pm
Day 11Thursday, May 19, 2022Davenport, IA10am to 2pm
Day 12Friday, May 20, 2022Dubuque, IA10am to 2pm
Day 13Saturday, May 21, 2022La Crosse, WI9:30am to 10:30am
Day 13Saturday, May 21, 2022La Crosse, WI11am to 2pm
Day 14Sunday, May 22, 2022Eau Claire, WI11am to 1pm
Day 14Sunday, May 22, 2022Wausau, WI3pm to 5pm
Day 15Monday, May 23, 2022Green Bay, WI10am to 12:30pm
Day 15Monday, May 23, 2022Appleton, WI1:30pm to 4pm
Day 16Tuesday, May 24, 2022Madison, WI10am to 2pm
Day 17Wednesday, May 25, 2022Janesville, WI10am to 12:30pm
Day 17Wednesday, May 25, 2022Rockford, IL1:30pm to 4pm
Day 18Thursday, May 26, 2022Milwaukee, WI10am to 2pm
Day 19Friday, May 27, 2022Racine, WI10am to 12:30pm
Day 19Friday, May 27, 2022Kenosha, WI1:30pm to 4pm
Day 20Saturday, May 28, 2022Chicago, IL10am to 2pm
Southwest Circumcision Crisis Protests
February 25, 2022 - March 16, 2022
Event PageDateCityTime
Day 1Friday, February 25, 2022Las Vegas, NV10am to 10:30am
Day 1Friday, February 25, 2022Las Vegas, NV11:30am to 3:30pm
Day 2Saturday, February 26, 2022Lake Havasu City, AZ11am to 3:30pm
Day 3Sunday, February 27, 2022Yuma, AZ10:30am to 3pm
Day 4Monday, February 28, 2022Tempe, AZ10am to 3pm
Day 5Tuesday, March 1, 2022Tucson, AZ10am to 3pm
Day 6Wednesday, March 2, 2022Las Cruces, NM10am to 3pm
Day 7Thursday, March 3, 2022El Paso, TX10am to 2pm
Day 8Friday, March 4, 2022Odessa, TX11am to 3:30pm
Day 9Saturday, March 5, 2022Midland, TX10:30am to 3pm
Day 10Sunday, March 6, 2022San Angelo, TX11am to 3:30pm
Day 11Monday, March 7, 2022Abilene, TX10am to 3pm
Day 12Tuesday, March 8, 2022Wichita Falls, TX10am to 2pm
Day 13Wednesday, March 9, 2022Lubbock, TX10:30am to 3pm
Day 14Thursday, March 10, 2022Amarillo, TX11am to 3pm
Day 15Friday, March 11, 2022Albuquerque, NM10am to 3pm
Day 16Saturday, March 12, 2022Santa Fe, NM10am to 2:30pm
Day 17Sunday, March 13, 2022Gallup, NM11am to 3:30pm
Day 18Monday, March 14, 2022Flagstaff, AZ10am to 2:30pm
Day 19Tuesday, March 15, 2022Kingman, AZ10am to 3pm
Day 20Wednesday, March 16, 2022Las Vegas, NV10am to 11am
Day 20Wednesday, March 16, 2022Las Vegas, NV12pm to 3pm
Pennsylvania Circumcision Crisis Protests
September 29, 2021 - October 13, 2021
Event PageDateCityTime
Day 1Wednesday, September 29, 2021Philadelphia, PA10am to 3pm
Day 2Thursday, September 30, 2021Allentown, PA10am to 3pm
Day 3Friday, October 1, 2021Wilkes-Barre, PA10am to 3pm
Day 4Saturday, October 2, 2021State College, PA10am to 3pm
Day 5Sunday, October 3, 2021Erie, PA1pm to 5pm
Day 6Monday, October 4, 2021Cranberry Township, PA10am to 3pm
Day 7Tuesday, October 5, 2021Pittsburgh, PA10am to 3pm
Day 8Wednesday, October 6, 2021Altoona, PA10am to 3pm
Day 9Thursday, October 7, 2021Harrisburg, PA10am to 1pm
Day 9Thursday, October 7, 2021York, PA2pm to 5pm
Day 10Friday, October 8, 2021Lancaster, PA10am to 1pm
Day 10Friday, October 8, 2021Reading, PA2pm to 5pm
Day 11Saturday, October 9, 2021Springfield, PA10am to 3pm
Day 12Sunday, October 10, 2021Northeast Philadelphia, PA11am to 4pm
Day 13Monday, October 11, 2021Warminster, PA10am to 3pm
Day 14Tuesday, October 12, 2021King of Prussia, PA10am to 3pm
Day 15Wednesday, October 13, 2021Philadelphia, PA10am to 3pm
Great Lakes Circumcision Crisis Protests
July 14 - August 2, 2020
Event PageDateCityTime
Day 1Tuesday, July 14, 2020Detroit, MI10am to 3pm
Day 2Wednesday, July 15, 2020Windsor, ON10am to 3pm
Day 3Thursday, July 16, 2020London, ON10am to 3pm
Day 4Friday, July 17, 2020Kitchener, ON10am to 3pm
Day 5Saturday, July 18, 2020Hamilton, ON10am to 3pm
Day 6Sunday, July 19, 2020Niagara Falls, ON11am to 4pm
Day 7Monday, July 20, 2020Mississauga, ON10am to 3pm
Day 8Tuesday, July 21, 2020Toronto, ON10am to 3pm
Day 9Wednesday, July 22, 2020Markham, ON10am to 3pm
Day 10Thursday, July 23, 2020Peterborough, ON10am to 3pm
Day 11Friday, July 24, 2020Kingston, ON10am to 3pm
Day 12Saturday, July 25, 2020Ottawa, ON10am to 3pm
Day 13Sunday, July 26, 2020North Bay, ON11am to 4pm
Day 14Monday, July 27, 2020Sudbury, ON10am to 3pm
Day 15Tuesday, July 28, 2020Sault Ste. Marie, ON10am to 3pm
Day 16Wednesday, July 29, 2020Traverse City, MI10am to 3pm
Day 17Thursday, July 30, 2020Grand Rapids, MI10am to 3pm
Day 18Friday, July 31, 2020Kalamazoo, MI10am to 3pm
Day 19Saturday, August 1, 2020Flint, MI10am to 3pm
Day 20Sunday, August 2, 2020Detroit, MI11am to 4pm
West Coast Circumcision Crisis Protests
April 25 - May 14, 2020
Event PageDateCityTime
Day 1Saturday, April 25, 2020Seattle, WA9am to 5pm
Day 2Sunday, April 26, 2020Seattle, WA9am to 5pm
Day 3Monday, April 27, 2020Olympia, WA10am to 3pm
Day 4Tuesday, April 28, 2020Salem, OR10am to 3pm
Day 5Wednesday, April 29, 2020Eugene, OR10am to 3pm
Day 6Thursday, April 30, 2020Grants Pass, OR10am to 3pm
Day 7Friday, May 1, 2020Redding, CA10am to 3pm
Day 8Saturday, May 2, 2020Yuba City, CA10am to 3pm
Day 9Sunday, May 3, 2020Stockton, CA11am to 4pm
Day 10Monday, May 4, 2020Merced, CA10am to 3pm
Day 11Tuesday, May 5, 2020Fresno, CA10am to 3pm
Day 12Wednesday, May 6, 2020Modesto, CA10am to 3pm
Day 13Thursday, May 7, 2020Sacramento, CA10am to 3pm
Day 14Friday, May 8, 2020Chico, CA10am to 3pm
Day 15Saturday, May 9, 2020Medford, OR10am to 3pm
Day 16Sunday, May 10, 2020Roseburg, OR11am to 4pm
Day 17Monday, May 11, 2020Corvallis, OR10am to 3pm
Day 18Tuesday, May 12, 2020Portland, OR10am to 3pm
Day 19Wednesday, May 13, 2020Seattle, WA10am to 3pm
Day 20Thursday, May 14, 2020Vancouver, BC10am to 3pm
Southern Florida Circumcision Crisis Protests
January 26 - February 7, 2020
Event PageDateCityTime
Day 1Sunday, January 26, 2020Pinellas Park, FL11am to 4pm
Day 2Monday, January 27, 2020Bradenton, FL10am to 3pm
Day 3Tuesday, January 28, 2020Port Charlotte, FL10am to 3pm
Day 4Wednesday, January 29, 2020Bonita Springs, FL10am to 3pm
Day 5Thursday, January 30, 2020University Park, FL10am to 3pm
SuperBowl Circumcision Crisis Protests
January 31 - February 2, 2020
Day 6Friday, January 31, 2020Miami, FL10:30am to 6pm
Day 7Saturday, February 1, 2020Miami, FL10:30am to 6pm
Day 8Sunday, February 2, 2020Miami Gardens, FL10:30am to 6:30pm
Day 9Monday, February 3, 2020Delray Beach, FL10am to 3pm
Day 10Tuesday, February 4, 2020Stuart, FL10am to 3pm
Day 11Wednesday, February 5, 2020Palm Bay, FL10am to 3pm
Day 12Thursday, February 6, 2020Orlando, FL10am to 3pm
Day 13Friday, February 7, 2020Tampa, FL10am to 3pm
Southern Universities Circumcision Crisis Protests
October 11 - 27, 2019
Event PageDateCityTime
Day 1Friday, October 11, 2019Baton Rouge, LA10am to 3pm
Day 2Saturday, October 12, 2019Monroe, LA10am to 3pm
Day 3Sunday, October 13, 2019Shreveport, LA11am to 4pm
Day 4Monday, October 14, 2019Tyler, TX10am to 3pm
Day 5Tuesday, October 15, 2019Denton, TX10am to 3pm
Day 6Wednesday, October 16, 2019Norman, OK10am to 3pm
Day 7Thursday, October 17, 2019Stillwater, OK10am to 3pm
Day 8Friday, October 18, 2019Fayetteville, AR10am to 3pm
Day 9Saturday, October 19, 2019Fort Smith, AR10am to 3pm
Day 10Sunday, October 20, 2019Conway, AR11am to 4pm
Day 11Monday, October 21, 2019Jonesboro, AR10am to 3pm
Day 12Tuesday, October 22, 2019Memphis, TN10am to 3pm
Day 13Wednesday, October 23, 2019Oxford, MS10am to 3pm
Day 14Thursday, October 24, 2019Starkville, MS10am to 3pm
Day 15Friday, October 25, 2019Hattiesburg, MS10am to 3pm
Day 16Saturday, October 26, 2019New Orleans, LA9am to 5pm
Day 17Sunday, October 27, 2019New Orleans, LA9am to 5pm
Rocky Mountain Circumcision Crisis Protests
July 12 - 31, 2019
Event PageDateCityTime
Day 1Friday, July 12, 2019West Jordan, UT10am to 3pm
Day 2Saturday, July 13, 2019Orem, UT10am to 3pm
Day 3Sunday, July 14, 2019Grand Junction, CO11am to 4pm
Day 4Monday, July 15, 2019Denver, CO10am to 3pm
Day 5Tuesday, July 16, 2019Denver, CO10am to 3pm
Day 6Wednesday, July 17, 2019Colorado Springs, CO10am to 3pm
Day 7Thursday, July 18, 2019Pueblo, CO10am to 3pm
Day 8Friday, July 19, 2019Denver, CO10am to 3pm
Day 9Saturday, July 20, 2019Fort Collins, CO10am to 3pm
Day 10Sunday, July 21, 2019Cheyenne, WY11am to 4pm
Day 11Monday, July 22, 2019Casper, WY10am to 3pm
Day 12Tuesday, July 23, 2019Gillette, WY10am to 3pm
Day 13Wednesday, July 24, 2019Billings, MT10am to 3pm
Day 14Thursday, July 25, 2019Great Falls, MT10am to 3pm
Day 15Friday, July 26, 2019Helena, MT10am to 3pm
Day 16Saturday, July 27, 2019Idaho Falls, ID10am to 3pm
Day 17Sunday, July 28, 2019Pocatello, ID11am to 4pm
Day 18Monday, July 29, 2019Logan, UT10am to 3pm
Day 19Tuesday, July 30, 2019Ogden, UT10am to 3pm
Day 20Wednesday, July 31, 2019Salt Lake City, UT10am to 3pm
Bloodstained Men at 2019 SF Pride
June 29 - June 30, 2019
Event PageDateCityTime
Day 1Saturday, June 29, 2019San Francisco, CA10am to 6pm
Day 2Sunday, June 30, 2019San Francisco, CA10am to 6pm
California Democratic Convention
Circumcision Crisis Protest

June 1, 2019
Event PageDateCityTime
Day 1Saturday, June 1, 2019San Francisco, CA11am to 5pm
2019 Heartland Circumcision Crisis Protests
April 26 - May 11, 2019
Event PageDateCityTime
Day 1Friday, April 26, 2019St. Charles, MO10am to 3pm
Day 2Saturday, April 27, 2019Peoria, IL10am to 3pm
Day 3Sunday, April 28, 2019Indianapolis, IN11am to 4pm
Day 4Monday, April 29, 2019Dayton, OH10am to 3pm
Day 5Tuesday, April 30, 2019Hamilton, OH10am to 3pm
Day 6Wednesday, May 1, 2019Lexington, KY10am to 3pm
Day 7Thursday, May 2, 2019Louisville, KY10am to 3pm
Day 8Friday, May 3, 2019Bowling Green, KY10am to 3pm
ACOG Day 1Saturday, May 4, 2019Nashville, TN9am to 5pm
ACOG Day 2Sunday, May 5, 2019Nashville, TN9am to 5pm
Day 11Monday, May 6, 2019Clarksville, TN10am to 3pm
Day 12Tuesday, May 7, 2019Evansville, IN10am to 3pm
Day 13Wednesday, May 8, 2019Cape Girardeau, MO10am to 3pm
Day 14Thursday, May 9, 2019Carbondale, IL10am to 3pm
Day 15Friday, May 10, 2019Fairview Heights, IL10am to 3pm
Day 16Saturday, May 11, 2019St. Louis, MO10am to 3pm
2019 Super Bowl Circumcision Protests
February 1 - February 3, 2019
Event PageDateCityTime
Day 1Friday, February 1, 2019Atlanta, GA10:30am to 6pm
Day 2Saturday, February 2, 2019Atlanta, GA10:30am to 6pm
Day 3Sunday, February 3, 2019Atlanta, GA10:30am to 6pm
Georgia Circumcision Crisis Protests
February 4 - February 12, 2019
Day 4Monday, February 4, 2019Roswell, GA11am to 2pm
Day 5Tuesday, February 5, 2019Athens, GA11am to 2pm
Day 6Wednesday, February 6, 2019Augusta, GA11am to 2pm
Day 7Thursday, February 7, 2019Statesboro, GA11am to 2pm
Day 8Friday, February 8, 2019Brunswick, GA11am to 2pm
Day 9Saturday, February 9, 2019Valdosta, GA11am to 2pm
Day 10Sunday, February 10, 2019Albany, GA11am to 2pm
Day 11Monday, February 11, 2019Columbus, GA11am to 2pm
Day 12Tuesday, February 12, 2019Macon, GA11am to 2pm
Bay Area Circumcision Crisis Protests
December 15 - December 16, 2018
Event PageDateCityTime
Day 1Saturday, December 15, 2018San Francisco, CA10am to 4pm
Day 2Sunday, December 16, 2018San Francisco, CA11am to 2pm
Gulf Coast AAP Circumcision Crisis Protests
October 21 - November 11, 2018
Event PageDateCityTime
Day 1Sunday, October 21, 2018Houston, TX11am to 4pm
Day 2Monday, October 22, 2018Victoria, TX10am to 3pm
Day 3Tuesday, October 23, 2018McAllen, TX10am to 3pm
Day 4Wednesday, October 24, 2018Brownsville, TX10am to 3pm
Day 5Thursday, October 25, 2018Corpus Christi, TX10am to 3pm
Day 6Friday, October 26, 2018Galveston, TX10am to 3pm
Day 7Saturday, October 27, 2018Beaumont, TX10am to 3pm
Day 8Sunday, October 28, 2018Baton Rouge, LA11am to 4pm
Day 9Monday, October 29, 2018New Orleans, LA10am to 3pm
Day 10Tuesday, October 30, 2018Gulfport, MS10am to 3pm
Day 11Wednesday, October 31, 2018Pensacola, FL10am to 3pm
Day 12Thursday, November 1, 2018Tallahassee, FL10am to 3pm
Day 13Friday, November 2, 2018Spring Hill, FL10am to 3pm
AAP Day 1Saturday, November 3, 2018Orlando, FL9am to 5pm
AAP Day 2Sunday, November 4, 2018Orlando, FL9am to 5pm
Day 16Monday, November 5, 2018Gainesville, FL10am to 3pm
Day 17Tuesday, November 6, 2018Lake City, FL10am to 3pm
Day 18Wednesday, November 7, 2018Destin, FL10am to 3pm
Day 19Thursday, November 8, 2018Mobile, AL10am to 3pm
Day 20Friday, November 9, 2018Slidell, LA10am to 3pm
Day 21Saturday, November 10, 2018Lafayette, LA10am to 3pm
Day 22Sunday, November 11, 2018Houston, TX11am to 4pm
Vancouver, BC, Circumcision Crisis Protests
September 11 - September 13, 2018
Event PageDateCityTime
Day 1Tuesday, September 11, 2018Vancouver, BC10am to 3pm
Day 2Wednesday, September 12, 2018Vancouver, BC10am to 3pm
Day 3Thursday, September 13, 2018Vancouver, BC10am to 3pm
Northeast Seaboard Circumcision Crisis Protests
July 20 - August 9, 2018
Event PageDateCityTime
Day 1Friday, July 20, 2018Wilmington, DE10am to 3pm
Day 2Saturday, July 21, 2018Atlantic City, NJ10am to 3pm
Day 3Sunday, July 22, 2018Toms River, NJ11am to 4pm
Day 4Monday, July 23, 2018Brooklyn, NY10:30am to 3:30pm
Day 5Tuesday, July 24, 2018Nassau County, NY10am to 3pm
Day 6Wednesday, July 25, 2018Suffolk County, NY10am to 3pm
Day 7Thursday, July 26, 2018Queens, NY10:30am to 3:30pm
Day 8Friday, July 27, 2018Bronx, NY10:30am to 3:30pm
Day 9Saturday, July 28, 2018Springfield, MA10am to 3pm
Day 10Sunday, July 29, 2018Worcester, MA11am to 4pm
Day 11Monday, July 30, 2018Manchester, NH10am to 3pm
Day 12Tuesday, July 31, 2018Auburn, ME10am to 3pm
Day 13Wednesday, August 1, 2018Bangor, ME10am to 3pm
Day 14Thursday, August 2, 2018Dover, NH10am to 3pm
Day 15Friday, August 3, 2018Boston, MA10am to 3pm
Day 16Saturday, August 4, 2018Cape Cod, MA10am to 3pm
Day 17Sunday, August 5, 2018Newport, RI11am to 4pm
Day 18Monday, August 6, 2018Hartford, CT10am to 3pm
Day 19Tuesday, August 7, 2018Stamford, CT10am to 3pm
Day 20Wednesday, August 8, 2018Newark, NJ10am to 3pm
Day 21Thursday, August 9, 2018Philadelphia, PA10am to 3pm
2018 SF Pride Weekend with BAI
June 23 - June 24, 2018
Event PageDateCityTime
Day 1Saturday, June 23, 2018San Francisco, CA10am to 6pm
Day 2Sunday, June 24, 2018San Francisco, CA10am to 6pm
American Nurse-Midwives Circumcision Crisis Protest
May 20, 2018
Event PageDateCityTime
Day 1Sunday, May 20, 2018Savannah, GA9am to 6pm
2018 ACOG Circumcision Protests
April 28 - April 29, 2018
Event PageDateCityTime
Day 1Saturday, April 28, 2018Austin, TX9am to 5pm
Day 2Sunday, April 29, 2018Austin, TX9am to 5pm
Carolina Circumcision Crisis Protests
March 24 - April 10, 2018
Event PageDateCityTime
Day 1Saturday, March 24, 2018Charlotte, NC10am to 3pm
Day 2Sunday, March 25, 2018Rock Hill, SC10am to 3pm
Day 3Monday, March 26, 2018Columbia, SC10am to 3pm
Day 4Tuesday, March 27, 2018Charleston, SC10am to 3pm
Day 5Wednesday, March 28, 2018Myrtle Beach, SC10am to 3pm
Day 6Thursday, March 29, 2018Florence, SC10am to 3pm
Day 7Friday, March 30, 2018Fayetteville, NC10am to 3pm
Day 8Saturday, March 31, 2018Wilmington, NC10am to 3pm
Day 9Sunday, April 1, 2018Jacksonville, NC11am to 4pm
Day 10Monday, April 2, 2018Greenville, NC10am to 3pm
Day 11Tuesday, April 3, 2018Raleigh, NC10am to 3pm
Day 12Wednesday, April 4, 2018Chapel Hill, NC10am to 3pm
Day 13Thursday, April 5, 2018Durham, NC10am to 3pm
Day 14Friday, April 6, 2018Greensboro, NC10am to 3pm
Day 15Saturday, April 7, 2018Asheville, NC10am to 3pm
Day 16Sunday, April 8, 2018Greenville, SC11am to 4pm
Day 17Monday, April 9, 2018Spartanburg, SC10am to 3pm
Day 18Tuesday, April 10, 2018Charlotte, NC10am to 3pm
Southern California Circumcision Protests
October 12 - October 30, 2017
Event PageDateCityTime
Day 1Thursday, October 12, 2017Chula Vista10am to 3pm
Day 2Friday, October 13, 2017Temecula10am to 3pm
Day 3Saturday, October 14, 2017Anaheim10am to 3pm
Day 4Sunday, October 15, 2017Costa Mesa10am to 3pm
Day 5Monday, October 16, 2017Redondo Beach10am to 3pm
Day 6Tuesday, October 17, 2017USC10am to 3pm
Day 7Wednesday, October 18, 2017UCLA10am to 3pm
Day 8Thursday, October 19, 2017Hollywood10am to 3pm
Day 9Friday, October 20, 2017Santa Clarita10am to 3pm
Day 10Saturday, October 21, 2017Oxnard10am to 3pm
Day 11Sunday, October 22, 2017Santa Barbara10am to 3pm
Day 12Monday, October 23, 2017Santa Maria10am to 3pm
Day 13Tuesday, October 24, 2017Bakersfield10am to 3pm
Day 14Wednesday, October 25, 2017Palmdale10am to 3pm
Day 15Thursday, October 26, 2017Victorville10am to 3pm
Day 16Friday, October 27, 2017Riverside10am to 3pm
Day 17Saturday, October 28, 2017Palm Springs10am to 3pm
Day 18Sunday, October 29, 2017Fontana10am to 3pm
Day 19Monday, October 30, 2017San Diego10am to 3pm
2017 AAP Convention Protests
September 16 - September 17, 2017
Event PageDateCityTime
Day 1Saturday, September 16, 2017Chicago, IL9am to 5pm
Day 2Sunday, September 17, 2017Chicago, IL9am to 5pm
Northern Heartland Circumcision Protests
July 25 - August 10, 2017
Event PageDateCityTime
Day 1Tuesday, July 25, 2017Minneapolis, MN10am to 3pm
Day 2Wednesday, July 26, 2017Rochester, MN10am to 3pm
Day 3Thursday, July 27, 2017Cedar Rapids, IA10am to 3pm
Day 4Friday, July 28, 2017Des Moines, IA10am to 3pm
Day 5Saturday, July 29, 2017Omaha, NE10am to 3pm
Day 6Sunday, July 30, 2017Lincoln, NE10am to 3pm
Day 7Monday, July 31, 2017Sioux City, IA10am to 3pm
Day 8Tuesday, August 1, 2017Sioux Falls, SD10am to 3pm
Day 9Wednesday, August 2, 2017Rapid City, SD10am to 3pm
Day 10Thursday, August 3, 2017Dickinson, ND10am to 3pm
Day 11Friday, August 4, 2017Bismarck, ND10am to 3pm
Day 12Saturday, August 5, 2017Minot, ND10am to 3pm
Day 13Sunday, August 6, 2017Grand Forks, ND10am to 3pm
Day 14Monday, August 7, 2017Fargo, ND10am to 3pm
Day 15Tuesday, August 8, 2017St. Cloud, MN10am to 3pm
Day 16Wednesday, August 9, 2017Duluth, MN10am to 3pm
Day 17Thursday, August 10, 2017Minneapolis, MN10am to 3pm
Bloodstained Men at SF Pride 2017
June 23 - June 25, 2017
Event PageDateCityTime
Day 1Friday, June 23, 2017Walnut Creek, CA4pm to 7pm
Day 2Saturday, June 24, 2017San Francisco, CA930am to 6pm
Day 3Sunday, June 25, 2017San Francisco, CA930am to 6pm
2017 ACOG Circumcision Protests
May 6 - May 7, 2017
Event PageDateCityTime
Day 1Saturday, May 6, 2017San Diego, CA9am to 5pm
Day 2Sunday, May 7, 2017San Diego, CA9am to 5pm
Florida Circumcision Crisis Protests
February 23 - March 13, 2017
Event PageDateCityTime
Day 1Thursday, February 23, 2017Miami10am to 3pm
Day 2Friday, February 24, 2017Fort Lauderdale10am to 3pm
Day 3Saturday, February 25, 2017Fort Myers10am to 3pm
Day 4Sunday, February 26, 2017Bradenton10am to 3pm
Day 5Monday, February 27, 2017St. Petersburg10am to 3pm
Day 6Tuesday, February 28, 2017Tampa10am to 3pm
Day 7Wednesday, March 1, 2017Ocala10am to 3pm
Day 8Thursday, March 2, 2017Gainesville10am to 3pm
Day 9Friday, March 3, 2017Panama City10am to 3pm
Day 10Saturday, March 4, 2017Pensacola10am to 3pm
Day 11Sunday, March 5, 2017Tallahassee10am to 3pm
Day 12Monday, March 6, 2017Jacksonville10am to 3pm
Day 13Tuesday, March 7, 2017Daytona Beach10am to 3pm
Day 14Wednesday, March 8, 2017Orlando10am to 3pm
Day 15Thursday, March 9, 2017Orlando10am to 3pm
Day 16Friday, March 10, 2017Cocoa Beach10am to 3pm
Day 17Saturday, March 11, 2017West Palm Beach10am to 3pm
Day 18Sunday, March 12, 2017Boca Raton10am to 3pm
Day 19Monday, March 13, 2017Miami10am to 3pm
2017 Super Bowl Circumcision Protests
February 3 - February 5, 2017
Event PageDateCityTime
Super BowlFriday-Sunday, February 3-5, 2017Houston, TXVarious
2016 AAP Convention Protests
October 22 - October 25, 2016
Event PageDateCityTime
Day 1Saturday, October 22, 2016San Francisco, CA9am to 5pm
Day 2Sunday, October 23, 2016San Francisco, CA9am to 5pm
Day 3Monday, October 24, 2016San Francisco, CA9am to 5pm
Chicago to NYC Circumcision Crisis Protests
September 27 - October 13, 2016
Event PageDateCityTime
Day 1Tuesday, September 27, 2016Chicago, IL10am to 3pm
Day 2Wednesday, September 28, 2016Fort Wayne, IN10am to 3pm
Day 3Thursday, September 29, 2016Detroit, MI10am to 3pm
Day 4Friday, September 30, 2016Cleveland, OH10am to 3pm
Day 5Saturday, October 1, 2016Buffalo, NY10am to 3pm
Day 6Sunday, October 2, 2016Rochester, NY10am to 3pm
Day 7Monday, October 3, 2016Binghamton, NY10am to 3pm
Day 8Tuesday, October 4, 2016NYC10am to 3pm
Day 9Wednesday, October 5, 2016NYC10am to 3pm
Day 10Thursday, October 6, 2016Philadelphia, PA10am to 3pm
Day 11Friday, October 7, 2016Harrisburg, PA10am to 3pm
Day 12Saturday, October 8, 2016Pittsburgh, PA10am to 3pm
Day 13Sunday, October 9, 2016Columbus, OH10am to 3pm
Day 14Monday, October 10, 2016Cincinnati, OH10am to 3pm
Day 15Tuesday, October 11, 2016Indianapolis, IN10am to 3pm
Day 16Wednesday, October 12, 2016Urbana / Champaign, IL10am to 3pm
Day 17Thursday, October 13, 2016Chicago, IL10am to 3pm
UC Berkeley Circumcision Crisis Protest
August 31, 2016
Event PageDateCityTime
Day 1Wednesday, August 31, 2016Berkeley, CA12pm to 5pm
Great Northwest Circumcision Crisis Protests
July 13 - July 27, 2016
Event PageDateCityTime
Day 1Wednesday, July 13, 2016Bellingham, WA10am to 3pm
Day 2Thursday, July 14, 2016Seattle, WA10am to 3pm
Day 3Friday, July 15, 2016Yakima, WA10am to 3pm
Day 4Saturday, July 16, 2016Spokane, WA10am to 3pm
Day 5Sunday, July 17, 2016Missoula, MT10am to 3pm
Day 6Monday, July 18, 2016Bozeman, MT10am to 3pm
Day 7Tuesday, July 19, 2016Idaho Falls, ID10am to 3pm
Day 8Wednesday, July 20, 2016Twin Falls, ID10am to 3pm
Day 9Thursday, July 21, 2016Boise, ID10am to 3pm
Day 10Friday, July 22, 2016Bend, OR10am to 3pm
Day 11Saturday, July 23, 2016Salem, OR10am to 3pm
Day 12Sunday, July 24, 2016Portland, OR10am to 3pm
Day 13Monday, July 25, 2016Portland, OR10am to 3pm
Day 14Tuesday, July 26, 2016Tacoma, WA10am to 3pm
Day 15Wednesday, July 27, 2016Seattle, WA10am to 3pm
Bloodstained Men at SF Pride 2016
June 24 - June 26, 2016
Event PageDateCityTime
Day 1Friday, June 24, 2016San Francisco, CATBA
Day 2Saturday, June 25, 2016San Francisco, CATBA
Day 3Sunday, June 26, 2016San Francisco, CATBA
Mid-Atlantic ACOG Crisis
May 5 - May 17, 2016
Event PageDateCityTime
Day 1Thursday, May 5, 2016Hagerstown, MD10am to 3pm
Day 2Friday, May 6, 2016Morgantown, WV10am to 3pm
Day 3Saturday, May 7, 2016Charleston, WV10am to 3pm
Day 4Sunday, May 8, 2016Roanoke, VA10am to 3pm
Day 5Monday, May 9, 2016Richmond, VA10am to 3pm
Day 6Tuesday, May 10, 2016Virginia Beach, VA10am to 3pm
Day 7Wednesday, May 11, 2016Salisbury, MD10am to 3pm
Day 8Thursday, May 12, 2016Baltimore, MD10am to 3pm
Days 9-13Friday-Tuesday, May 13-17, 2016Washington, DCVarious
Tornado Alley Circumcision Crisis Protests
April 2 - April 14, 2016
Event PageDateCityTime
Day 1Saturday, April 2, 2016Dallas, TX10am to 3pm
Day 2Sunday, April 3, 2016Shreveport, LA10am to 3pm
Day 3Monday, April 4, 2016Jackson, MS10am to 3pm
Day 4Tuesday, April 5, 2016Memphis, TN10am to 3pm
Day 5Wednesday, April 6, 2016Little Rock, AR10am to 3pm
Day 6Thursday, April 7, 2016Springfield, MO10am to 3pm
Day 7Friday, April 8, 2016Tulsa, OK10am to 3pm
Day 8Saturday, April 9, 2016Oklahoma City, OK10am to 3pm
Day 9Sunday, April 10, 2016Fort Worth, TX10am to 3pm
Day 10Monday, April 11, 2016Houston, TX10am to 3pm
Day 11Tuesday, April 12, 2016San Antonio, TX10am to 3pm
Day 12Wednesday, April 13, 2016Austin, TX10am to 3pm
Day 13Thursday, April 14, 2016Austin, TX10am to 3pm
Super Bowl 50 Circumcision Crisis Protest
February 6 - February 7, 2016
Event PageDateCityTime
Super BowlSaturday, February 6, 2016San Francisco, CA10am to 3pm
Super BowlSunday, February 7, 2016Santa Clara, CA10am to 3pm
Central Valley Circumcision Crisis Protests
November 21 - November 22, 2015
Event PageDateCityTime
Day 2Sunday, November 22, 2015Fresno, CA10am to 3pm
Day 1Saturday, November 21, 2015Visalia, CA10am to 3pm
2015 AAP Convention Protest
October 24 - October 27, 2015
Event PageDateCityTime
AAPSaturday-Tuesday, October 24-27, 2015Washington D. C.Various
New England/Northeast Circumcision Crisis Protests
September 22 - October 5, 2015
Event PageDateCityTime
Day 14Monday, October 5, 2015Jersey City, NJ10am to 3pm
Day 13Sunday, October 4, 2015Union Square, NYC10am to 3pm
Day 12Saturday, October 3, 2015New Haven, CT10am to 3pm
Day 11Friday, October 2, 2015Providence, RI10am to 3pm
Day 10Thursday, October 1, 2015Boston, MA10am to 3pm
Day 9Wednesday, September 30, 2015Cambridge, MA10am to 3pm
Day 8Tuesday, September 29, 2015Portland, ME10am to 3pm
Day 7Monday, September 28, 2015Burlington, VT10am to 3pm
Day 6Sunday, September 27, 2015Albany, NY10am to 3pm
Day 5Saturday, September 26, 2015Scranton, PA10am to 3pm
Day 4Friday, September 25, 2015Philadelphia, PA10am to 3pm
Day 3Thursday, September 24, 2015Philadelphia, PA10am to 3pm
Day 2Wednesday, September 23, 2015Princeton, NJ10am to 3pm
Day 1Tuesday, September 22, 2015Times Square, NYC10am to 3pm
Wild West Circumcision Crisis Protests
August 15 - August 16, 2015
Event PageDateCityTime
Day 2Sunday, August 16, 2015Sacramento10am to 3pm
Day 1Saturday, August 15, 2015South Lake Tahoe10am to 3pm
Bloodstained Men Return to Santa Cruz
July 18 - July 19, 2015
Event PageDateCityTime
Day 2Sunday, July 19, 2015Santa Cruz10am to 3pm
Day 1Saturday, July 18, 2015Santa Cruz10am to 3pm
The Great Plains and Midwest
Circumcision Protests

May 6 - May 20, 2015
Event PageDateCityTime
Day 15Wednesday, May 20, 2015St. Louis10am to 3pm
Day 14Tuesday, May 19, 2015Indianapolis10am to 3pm
Day 13Monday, May 18, 2015Cincinnati10am to 3pm
Day 12Sunday, May 17, 2015Columbus10am to 3pm
Day 11Saturday, May 16, 2015Ann Arbor10am to 3pm
Day 10Friday, May 15, 2015Grand Rapids10am to 3pm
Day 9Thursday, May 14, 2015Chicago10am to 3pm
Day 8Wednesday, May 13, 2015Milwaukee10am to 3pm
Day 7Tuesday, May 12, 2015Madison10am to 3pm
Day 6Monday, May 11, 2015Mayo Clinic, Rochester10am to 3pm
Day 5Sunday, May 10, 2015Minneapolis10am to 3pm
Day 4Saturday, May 9, 2015Des Moines10am to 3pm
Day 3Friday, May 8, 2015Omaha10am to 3pm
Day 2Thursday, May 7, 2015Kansas City10am to 3pm
Day 1Wednesday, May 6, 2015St. Louis10am to 3pm
ACOG Annual Clinical Meeting Protest
May 2 - May 3, 2015
Event PageDateCityTime
ACOGSaturday-Sunday, May 2-3, 2015San Francisco9am to 5pm
Wine Country Circumcision Crisis
April 11 - April 12, 2015
Event PageDateCityTime
Day 2Sunday, April 12, 2015Petaluma10am to 3pm
Day 1Saturday, April 11, 2015Santa Rosa10am to 3pm
Genital Integrity Awareness Week
March 24 - March 30, 2015
Event PageDateCityTime
GIAW 2015Tuesday-Monday, March 24-30, 2015Washington, D.C.9am to 5pm
Texas Circumcision Protests
March 10 - March 15, 2015
Event PageDateCityTime
Day 6Sunday, March 15, 2015Fort Worth10am to 3pm
Day 5Saturday, March 14, 2015Austin10am to 3pm
Day 4Friday, March 13, 2015San Antonio10am to 3pm
Day 3Thursday, March 12, 2015Houston10am to 3pm
Day 2Wednesday, March 11, 2015Houston10am to 3pm
Day 1Tuesday, March 10, 2015Dallas10am to 3pm
San Ramon Circumcision Crisis Protest
January 31, 2015
Day 1Saturday, January 31, 2015San Ramon, CATBA
No Federal Promotion of Genital Cutting
January 22, 2015
CDCThursday, January 22, 2015Atlanta10am to 4pm
Circumcision Crisis Southeast Marathon
October 30 - November 10, 2014
Event PageDateCityTime
Day 12Monday, November 10, 2014Atlanta10am to 3pm
Day 11Sunday, November 9, 2014Birmingham10am to 3pm
Day 10Saturday, November 8, 2014Tuscaloosa11am to 4pm
Day 9Friday, November 7, 2014Tallahassee10am to 3pm
Day 8Thursday, November 6, 2014Jacksonville10am to 3pm
Day 7Wednesday, November 5, 2014Savannah10am to 3pm
Day 6Tuesday, November 4, 2014Atlanta10am to 3pm
Day 5Monday, November 3, 2014Columbia10am to 3pm
Day 4Sunday, November 2, 2014Charlotte10am to 3pm
Day 3: Part 2Saturday, November 1, 2014Asheville4:30pm to 6:30pm
Day 3: Part 1Saturday, November 1, 2014Knoxville9:30am to 1:30pm
Day 2Friday, October 31, 2014Nashville10am to 3pm
Day 1Thursday, October 30, 2014Chattanooga10am to 3pm
AAP National Conference and Exhibition
October 11 - October 14, 2014
Event PageDateCityTime
4 DaysSaturday-Tuesday, October 11-14, 2014San Diego9am to 5pm
Circumcision Crisis Upper Midwest Marathon
September 12 - September 18, 2014
Day 7Thursday, September 18, 2014Toledo10am to 3pm
Day 6Wednesday, September 17, 2014Columbus10am to 3pm
Day 5Tuesday, September 16, 2014Pittsburgh10am to 3pm
Day 4Monday, September 15, 2014Buffalo10am to 3pm
Day 3Sunday, September 14, 2014Cleveland10am to 3pm
Day 2Saturday, September 13, 2014Royal Oak10am to 3pm
Day 1Friday, September 12, 2014Lansing10am to 3pm
Sierra Nevada Mountain Circumcision Crisis
August 16 - August 17, 2014
Day 2Sunday, August 17, 2014Reno10am to 3pm
Day 1Saturday, August 16, 2014South Lake Tahoe10am to 3pm
Rocky Mountain Circumcision Protests
July 22 - July 28, 2014
Day 4Monday, July 28, 2014Denver10am to 3pm
Day 3Sunday, July 27, 2014Denver10am to 3pm
International Symposium on Genital Autonomy and Children's Rights
Day 2Wednesday, July 23, 2014Denver10am to 2pm
Day 1Tuesday, July 22, 2014Denver10am to 3pm
Pacific Northwest Circumcision Protests
July 7 - July 10, 2014
Day 4Thursday, July 10, 2014Portland10am to 3pm
Day 3Wednesday, July 9, 2014Seattle10am to 3pm
Day 2Tuesday, July 8, 2014Seattle10am to 3pm
Day 1Monday, July 7, 2014Portland10am to 3pm
Genital Integrity Awareness Week
March 26 - March 30, 2014
GIAW 2014Wednesday-Sunday, March 26-30, 2014Washington, D.C.9am to 5pm
Circumcision Crisis Southwest Marathon
February 21 - February 27, 2014
Day 7Thursday, February 27, 2014Los Angeles10am to 3pm
Day 6Wednesday, February 26, 2014San Diego10am to 3pm
Day 5Tuesday, February 25, 2014San Diego10am to 3pm
Day 4Monday, February 24, 2014Tucson10am to 3pm
Day 3Sunday, February 23, 2014Phoenix10am to 3pm
Day 2Saturday, February 22, 2014Las Vegas10am to 3pm
Day 1Friday, February 21, 2014Los Angeles10am to 3pm
Circumcision Crisis Northeast Marathon
November 16 - November 25, 2013
Day 10Monday, November 25, 2013NYC8am to 11am
Day 9Sunday, November 24, 2013NYC10am to 3pm
Day 8Saturday, November 23, 2013NYC10am to 3pm
Day 7Friday, November 22, 2013Philadelphia10am to 3pm
Day 6Thursday, November 21, 2013Baltimore10am to 3pm
Day 5Wednesday, November 20, 2013Trenton10am to 3pm
Day 4Tuesday, November 19, 2013Hartford10am to 3pm
Day 3Monday, November 18, 2013Boston10am to 3pm
Day 2Sunday, November 17, 2013Providence10am to 3pm
Day 1Saturday, November 16, 2013NYC10am to 3pm
Circumcision Crisis Midwest Marathon
September 30 - October 6, 2013
Day 7Sunday, October 6, 2013Iowa City10am to 3pm
Day 6Saturday, October 5, 2013Chicago10am to 3pm
Day 5Friday, October 4, 2013Indianapolis10am to 3pm
Day 4Thursday, October 3, 2013Cincinnati10am to 3pm
Day 3Wednesday, October 2, 2013Louisville10am to 3pm
Day 2Tuesday, October 1, 2013St. Louis10am to 3pm
Day 1Monday, September 30, 2013Springfield, IL10am to 3pm