Assemble your own Bloodstained Men protest signs!

Click on a slogan below to download a .pdf file of the individual design, and then print or reproduce it however you prefer.

If you don’t see your favorite protest sign below, contact us and we’ll do our best to add it to the list.

Blood Rituals Are Not Medicine
Circumcisers Belong In Prison
Circumcision Anguish
Circumcision Cruelty To Boys
Circumcision Destroys 16+ Functions
Circumcision History’s Greatest Medical Fraud
Circumcision Is Child Sex Abuse
Circumcision Is Medical Fraud
Circumcision Is Sexual Mutilation
Circumcision Tortures Your Son
End Male Genital Mutilation
Equal Rights For Boys
European Doctors Condemn Circumcision
Foreskin = Normal Healthy Natural
Foreskin Is Not A Birth Defect
Genitals Should Not Have Scars
His Body His Choice
How Dare You Cut His Penis
I Did Not Consent
I Want My Foreskin Back
Infant Circumcision Is Evil
Intact Genitals are a Human Right
It Ain’t Broke. Don’t Break It.
It’s Not Your Mother’s Penis
My Body Belongs To Me
¡No Corten Pene De Bebé!
Nobody Wants Less Penis
Penis Cutting Is A Sex Crime
Protect Your Son, Not His Dad’s Ego
Stop Cutting Baby Penis
Vote No On Circumcision
You Deserve Your Whole Penis