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Bloodstained Men Intactivist bloody pants protest Against Circumcision and in favor of foreskin.
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 Board of Directors 

Intactivist Brother K

Brother K

CFO / Co-Director

Brother K was born in Miami in 1947 and grew up in New Orleans. He studied journalism at the University of Illinois, where he earned his degree in 1969. He protested against circumcision at the California State Capital in 1980, a protest that the Associated Press and other media reported locally and across the nation. In 1986 he changed his name to Brother K in California Superior Court, an act of protest against his circumcision at birth. He formed Bloodstained Men in 2012 and has protested in cities from coast to coast.

David Atkinson

CEO / Co-Director

David first wore the bloodstained suit in September 2014, and soon thereafter became a regular participant in BSM tours around the country. When not on the road, he works on various IT projects in the Boston metro area. David has a master's degree in Operations Research from Stony Brook University, where he also earned his B.S. in Mathematics. In his free time he enjoys playing the marimba, visiting his nieces and nephews, and using google maps to find good protest locations.

davis atkinson.png

Cassie Waldeck


Cassie has been an outspoken intactivist since 2010. She lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and two children, and has participated in Bloodstained Men & Their Friends street protests in various cities in the Northeast. Cassie handles press inquiries regarding BSM, and also helps to admin the social media pages. She is active as a Pennsylvania State Director for Your Whole Baby.

Erika Hedberg

Press Secretary

Erika lives in Buffalo, NY, with her three children. She has an English and Philosophy background from SUNY-Buffalo.  Her activism began in the late '90s with an internship at the Center for Inquiry, and she came to the intactivist movement at the end of her first pregnancy with her first son. She joined the Board of Directors in 2014, and handles the press releases for each protest event and tour. When she's not child-rearing or intactivating, Erika dominates on the pool table, enjoys watching documentaries, and has a passion for sailing and the cello.

Intactivist Brian Herrity

Brian Herrity


Brian has been with Bloodstained Men since 2014. From a young age, he was taught that circumcision was painful and abnormal, and he was always confused by how widespread the practice was. In his mid 20s, he began to research the issue in depth and was horrified at what he learned. After witnessing a circumcision video, Brian swore to speak out against this atrocity. When the voiceless are under attack, it is his call to action.

Dominic Barba

Board Chairman

Dominic is an intactivist and mechanical engineer from the eastern SF Bay Area. He has consistently participated in Bay Area Intactivists events and has officially traveled with BSM for the 2016 Northwest and 2017 Super Bowl protest road crews.  He earned his BSci in mechanical engineering from the University of California, Berkeley and is a lifelong information sponge, writer of prose, problem solver, and automotive enthusiast. Dominic joined the Board of Directors in November 2016.

James Loewen

James is a photographer and videographer, documenting the intactivist movement since 1993. His YouTube channel, Bonobo3D, has over 400 videos dedicated to the issue. He enjoys covering Bloodstained Men protests and interviewing people on the street because every protest and interview yields new ideas and perspectives. James joined the Board of Directors in 2017.

Harry Guiremand


Harry is a retired engineer who has for many years struggled to find better ways to do what should be the easiest thing imaginable: convincing people not to injure their own children. He joined his first Bloodstained Men protest in 2014 and decided then that the on-street and online actions of the organization are the most promising way to protect kids from genital mutilation. Harry joined the Board of Directors in October of 2018.


James Rigdon 


James lives in Southern Illinois with his wife and 3 children. His first Bloodstained Men protest was at AAP in Chicago, IL in 2017. When James and his wife Jessica were expecting their first son in 2015, he was a strong supporter of circumcision. After in-depth research and seeing his newborn son, he protected his son’s right to his whole body. He has been a member of 4 BSM tours across the country and has assisted in planning future BSM tours. James joined the Board of Directors in September of 2019

Bloodstained Men Intactivist bloody pants protest Against Circumcision and in favor of foreskin.




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