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Bloodstained Men Intactivist bloody pants protest Against Circumcision and in favor of foreskin.
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Order your own BSM infocards

1) Download and save the .PDF files with our high-resolution infocard artwork to your computer.

2)We get great results ordering with UPrinting.com's Custom Product Builder

3) Choose the following parameters (or click here ):

Width = 5"

Height = 3"

Paper Type = 14 pt. Cardstock Gloss

Folding = None

Printed Side = Front and Back

4) Choose your quantity and delivery speed.

5) Upload the front and back PDFs.

6) Complete your order


The images shown below are low-fidelity examples of the infocard artwork; do not try and use these for printing purposes. Use the high-fidelity .PDF source files given above.


Assemble your own BSM protest signs!

1) Click on an image below to order one of our previous banners from VistaPrint.

2) Each banner contains 7 panels, producing 3 full signs and 1 single-sided sign.

3) Carefully cut the vinyl after the 2nd, 4th, and 6th panels.

4) Drape the double-sided signs over the top edge of a 20x30-inch foamboard, and secure the side and bottom edges using 2-inch clear tape.


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For media inquiries, please contact:
Press Spokesman: 808-639-9362

Erika Hedberg, Press Secretary