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Dominic Barba on Talk Radio 1680 KGED outside the California Democratic Party Convention.
On the eve of the 2019 Heartland tour, Harry Guiremand and James Rigdon appeared on "Your Health Matters" in Columbia, MO.
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Part Two - Bloodstained Men on Your Health Matters -
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Ashley Thornberg, co-host of "Main Street" on Prairie Public, interviews David Atkinson during the 2017 tour of the northern midwest.
Bloodstained Men on Prairie Public -
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WNNX's The Regular Guys interview Bloodstained Men & Their Friends


Published on Nov 10, 2014


In Atlanta, on the last day of the Southeast protest marathon, Bloodstained Men and Their Friends visited the Regular Guys' studio, where Brother K and Kelley Heitzman spoke with Larry Wachs and Steve Rickman. After ten minutes of discussion, Steve mentioned that he might have a kid soon, and declared that he would "let him make his own decision."



International media coverage on Ogun State Television in Nigeria


Published on Nov 15, 2014


Nigerian reporter Adesina Anidugbe interviewed the Bloodstained Men and Their Friends on the streets of Atlanta, after which he produced this story and sent it back home to be aired on OGTV.  "It was obvious they are so passionate about their advocacy,"  he reports. "Their main preoccupation is to protect children and future generations from genital cutting, and this they do . . . not minding the societal jeers."

KDKA's Mike Pintek interviews Bloodstained Men's Brother K


Published on Sep 19, 2014


Pittsburgh radio talk show host, Mike Pintek, says that circumcision is "a form of child abuse" . . . "it is a barbaric practice." He interviewed Brother K in Pittsburgh on Tuesday, September 16, the fifth day of Bloodstained Men circumcision protests across the upper Midwest. 


Marc Kovac of Ohio Capital Blog speaks with Brother K


Published on Sep 17, 2014


At a busy intersection in Columbus: "Our message to Ohio lawmakers is: Do not fund circumcision through Medicaid.  It is at best a cosmetic procedure . . . It has no medical basis and it's a human rights violation."


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